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BetterfriendAI is an AI-powered assistant that transcribes and summarizes key points from your voice notes, so you can focus on building your network.

Don't Let Important Details Slip Away

As a busy entrepreneur, forgetting key points from meetings, calls, and networking events can cost you time, money, and valuable connections. BetterFriendAI is your secret weapon.

Emotion tracker
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Effortless Conversation Capture

Ditch the notepads! Record quick voice notes after conversations, and our AI will generate clear summaries.


Smart Follow-Ups

Heading to a meeting or social event? Never miss a chance to connect. BetterFriendAI suggests personalized follow-up questions based on past interactions.

Smart Follow-Ups
Smart Follow-Ups

Energy Boosters

Discover the people who truly motivate you. BetterFriendAI analyzes your interactions to identify connections that energize you.


Find the Perfect Plan for Your Needs.



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Energy mapping

Follow-up recommendations

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